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HHO Car Engine Cleaning Decarbonizing Machine Price Best HHO Gas Carbon Cleaner For Cars

HHO Car Engine Cleaning Decarbonizing Machine Price Best HHO Gas Carbon Cleaner For Cars

HHO Car Engine Cleaning Decarbonizing Machine Price Best HHO Gas Carbon Cleaner For Cars
HHO Car Engine Cleaning Decarbonizing Machine Price Best HHO Gas Carbon Cleaner For CarsHHO Car Engine Cleaning Decarbonizing Machine Price Best HHO Gas Carbon Cleaner For Cars
CategoriesHydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine
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ApplicationCar Decarburization
Product nameEngine carbon removal machine
Electrolyte consumption≤240 g/H
Gas production1500 L/H±10%
Usage scope0.8~6.0 L(gasoline or diesel engine)
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update Time2019-11-15
Detail Information

HHO Car Engine Cleaning Decarbonizing Machine Price Best HHO Gas Carbon Cleaner For Cars

Product description:

1. Hydrogen carbon cleaning machine is a device that generates hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis of water to burn with the carbon in the engine.

2. It is also known as hho generator or hydrogen generator but used for cleaning engine carbon deposits.

3. The voltage of our hho machine is AC110V~380V/ 50 Hz.

4. After cleaning carbon deposits for cars, the exhaust are H2, CO2 and H2O, which is do no harm to the environment.

5. HD touch screen for operation

6. Three operation modes can be optional, negative pressure mode, Vibration mode, manual mode.

7. Not only can it clean gasoline cars, but also can clean diesel cars.

Products specification: 

1. Product Name: Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine

2. Model Number: HO-1500

3. Voltage: AC 110V/220V/230V/380V

4. Frequency: 50/60HZ

5. Rated Power: <6KW

6. Gas Output: 1500L/h ±10%

7. Working Pressure: 0.2 Mpa

8. Weight: 120kg

9. Size: 600*600*1100mm

10. Package Dimension: 600*650*1250mm

11. Ambient temperature range: 5°C~50°C


1. Time saving: It Only needs 20 minutes to clean engine carbon.

2. Effective : Obvious effects after cleaning the carbon, and satisfied customers 100%.

3. Wide usage: One machine can serve for both petrol and diesel vehicles.A wide scope for vehicles: cars, SUV, Business cars, buses, trucks, etc.

4. Multifunctional: It can clean engine parts like intake, injector, DPF, spark plug, etc.

5. Useful:Improve cars' performance,after cleaning carbon, oil consumption, 70% of air pollution and engine noised can be reduced, and 20% of engine power improved.

6. Safe:Guarantee 100% safety for using the machine.(Automotive negative pressure alarm device)

7. Eco-friendly: There do no harm to engines.

8. Easy operation: HD touch screen can make carbon cleaning more convenient.


Safety Notice:

1. The hydrogen-oxygen carbon removal machine should be placed in a well-ventilated position. The ambient temperature should not be lower than 0 °C, the maximum temperature should not be higher than 40 °C, and the relative humidity should not exceed 90%.

2. Place on a flat, clean and dry floor.

3. Do not place heavy objects on the top cover of the hydrogen and oxygen carbon removal machine. If necessary, turn off the unit and clean the case with a semi-moist rag. Do not wipe the machine with any solvent.

4. When connecting the power cord, please make sure that the main power switch of the unit is off.

5. Before starting any power supply, check that all power cord connections are secure and reliable.

6. The hydrogen and oxygen carbon removal machine is recommended to be placed in a fixed position and it is prohibited to move the machine during the carbon removal process.

7. Before running the unit, please make sure that the car has enough gasoline so that the car can run at idle speed for more than 30 minutes without turning off. Before starting to remove carbon, please confirm that the car has no other bad faults (such as idle speed, oil leakage, black smoke, abnormal engine noise, ignition system failure, fuel injection system failure, etc.).


1. Hd display                                        2.Pressure gauge                         3.Right


4. left                                                     5.back                                           6.The pulley 

Why should the engine remove carbon?

Carbon deposition is the number one killer that affects engine performance and life. Clearing carbon is more important than changing oil!

1. Carbon deposits are generated on the “injector, intake, intake valve, combustion chamber, piston ring”, which seriously affects the performance and life of the engine;

2. light will cause "engine trembling, cold start failure, driving weakness, fuel oil consumption increase, oil consumption increased, exhaust emissions exceeded the standard" and other failures;

3. will shorten the service life of spark plugs, three-way catalysis, oxygen sensors and other parts, severely will cause "valve ablation, sticky valves, pre-ignition / deflagration, pull cylinders" and even lead to engine scrap.

About our engine carbon removal cleaner

1. Remove carbon deposits from gases, non-chemicals, and never damage oil seals, gaskets, and engines.
2. Do not remove any parts of your engine (only need to connect - intake manifold).
3. Just 40 minutes.
4. It will not damage your oil (free maintenance) when cleaning carbon.
5. Let you immediately feel the effect of clearing.
6. Reduce exhaust emissions (allowing you to pass the exhaust emission standard once)
7. Immediate fuel saving (tested to reduce fuel consumption by 11% to 28%. Depending on the type of vehicle and usage).
8. Horsepower enhancement (return to original power performance).
9. The engine does not shake.
10.Smooth driving

+LOGO                                    Shenzhen Zeayeto Automotive Technology Co., Ltd is a professional technology company dedicated to the independent research, development, production and sales of professional maintenance equipment for automobiles.The company has a professional research and development and production technology team, and established a sound sales network in the country, for the brand partners to provide quality car maintenance equipment and professional services.Our products include: transmission cleaning equipment, brake cleaning equipment, lubrication system cleaning equipment, cooling system cleaning equipment, nozzle cleaning equipment, cold media cleaning equipment and nitrogen system cleaning equipment, air conditioning cleaning equipment.We obtain the market by the quality, obtains the customer trust by the service!Our mission: to provide quality maintenance equipment for your car.

1.Whats the effect of Hydrogen and oxygen removal machine?

· Good car engine performance.

· Remarkable fuel saving.

· Exhaust black smoke disappeared, achieving emissions testing standard.

· Prolong engine parts life.

· Maximize carbon removal

2.Why do I have to clean the car engine carbon?

When carbon adhesion intake and exhaust valves, intake and exhaust valves closed lax and even leak, the engine cylinder pressure, and the result is directly attributable to the activation engine trouble.

3.Where are the advantages of HO1500?

High efficiency, environment Friendly, convenient for removement, easy Operation, save time and low cost.

4.What is the biggest feature of HO1500?

Environment friendly, no medical component, no corrosion to auto parts, no any side effects, no generate hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

5.What is the working principle of HO1500?

The machine produces a mixed gas by electrolyzing water, the car drives the car to burn the gas at a high temperature, and finally the carbon in the car is discharged by the reduction reaction.

6.What effect can the car achieve after cleaning with HO1500?

After cleaning, the vehicle's power is improved, the idle speed is stable, the start is smooth, the fuel consumption is reduced, the exhaust emissions are more environmentally friendly, and the performance is restored as new.

7.When do I need to carbon clean my car?

We recommend servicing your vehicle every 15,000km or 6 months, whichever come first.

8.Why do I need to carbon-clean my car?

Incomplete combustion causes carbon deposits in your vehicle engine. The carbon is one of reasons of high fuel consumption, poor engine performance and increase exhaust emissions.

9.Which language handles the LCD display?

It has multiple languages built in, you can switch between various modes at will.

10.How long does it take to clean my car with HO1500?

About 20~60min (adjustable).

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