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Catalytic Converter Cleaner Engine Carbon Clean Review Foam Carbon Removal Cleaning

Catalytic Converter Cleaner Engine Carbon Clean Review Foam Carbon Removal Cleaning
Catalytic Converter Cleaner Engine Carbon Clean Review  Foam Carbon Removal Cleaning
Catalytic Converter Cleaner Engine Carbon Clean Review  Foam Carbon Removal CleaningCatalytic Converter Cleaner Engine Carbon Clean Review  Foam Carbon Removal Cleaning
CategoriesCar engine carbon cleaning machine
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Product name7 in 1 multi function cleaning machine
DisplayHD LCD display
operating methodendoscope
Input VoltageDC12V
UsageGasoline Engine Carbon Emissions Cleaning
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update Time2020-01-28
Detail Information

Catalytic Converter Cleaner Engine Carbon Clean Review  Foam Carbon Removal Cleaning

Product introduction:

The model TD-501 Engine depth carbon removal washing machine developed by our company, combining with the most effective carbon remover, is the best machine to dislodge the engine fouling. It can be combined with regular vehicle maintenance and special carbon removal repairs and no need to disassemble the engine. The engine fuel supply pipe can be connected by a connector. Plug the engine back into the pipe with a plug, and then add a fixed fuel mixture decarbonizer, and allow the decarburizer to enter the engine fuel system under normal operating conditions. Carbon sludge, colloid and lacquer contaminants from injector needle valves and fuel chamber components can be dissolved within 30 minutes.

 Product specification:


DC 12V

Rated Power


Working Pressure

0-1.6 Mpa





Package Dimension


Ambient temperature range


Endoscope Pixel

1.3 millions


Wooden case

Working medium

Chemical cleaning agent


Gasoline car engines

Product Feature:

1. Small and exquisite design with light weight for more convenient operation

2. Prolong the engine’s lifetime after cleaning carbon deposits thoroughly.

3. This machine can do three way catalytic converter carbon cleaning with water based or oil based, which is the first innovation in China.

4. It can clean carbon for five engine system parts: Three way catalytic converter, combustion chamber, fuel system, spark plug and intake valve.

5. The special cleaning agent will help clean the engine carbon completely.

The using methods of endoscope

Endoscope is mainly suitable for observing places that are not normally seen in the interior of a car. It is equipped with a curved probe that can be extended to the interior of the vehicle. And it also have a large high-definition display screen, which can observe the parts inside the automobile engine and facilitate observation and maintenance. Connect the power to 12V, turn on the display switch, extend the probe to the parts to be observed, you can see the points to be observed from the display.


1. When do I need to carbon clean my car?

We recommend servicing your vehicle every 15,000km or 6 months, whichever come first.

2. What is the working principle of TD-501?

Our cleaning agent is matched with the machine, and the organic solvent is mixed with the carbon in the car to achieve the effect of removing carbon from the car.

3. Can it use for diesel vehicles?

No, it can only clean the petrol cars.

4. What’s the function of the endoscope?

It can help to see the effect in the engine part, which is good for marketing.

5. How can I get the cleaning agent suitable for the machine?

You can purchase from our company and you also can get it from your local market if there is not convenient for importing such goods.


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