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Transmission Flush Kit Trans Flush Mega Flush Transmission Machine

Transmission Flush Kit Trans Flush Mega Flush Transmission Machine
Transmission Flush Kit Trans Flush Mega Flush Transmission Machine
Transmission Flush Kit Trans Flush Mega Flush Transmission MachineTransmission Flush Kit Trans Flush Mega Flush Transmission Machine
CategoriesTransmission Flush Machine
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Warranty1 Year
Brand NameZeayeto
Product nameAuto transmission flush machine
Advantagesvisual operating system
MaterialStainess steel
pressure meter0~150psi
Applicationcar maintenance
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
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Update Time2020-02-18
Detail Information

Transmission Flush Kit Trans Flush Mega Flush Transmission Machine


1. Fully automatic dynamic cleaning

2. Fully automatic equal exchange to ensure normal oil level after exchange

3. Quantitatively add new oil, change oil 12L at one time, convenient and save time

4. Quantitative recovery of used oil

5. Automatically empty new oil drums

6. Electronic scale one-button calibration


This machine is designed to clean the transmission oil and exchange it in equal quantities. Everyone knows that during the use of the gearbox, due to internal friction and other phenomena, many metal iron filings and sludge and other impurities will be generated, which will contaminate the transmission oil. Therefore, the transmission oil should be replaced in time after driving for a period of time, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the transmission.

How often do you change the transmission oil?

The new car should be replaced with automatic transmission oil when driving for 60,000-80,000 km or 2-3 years, and the repaired car, driving 20,000 kilometers or one year should change the transmission oil, otherwise it will directly affect the performance, fuel consumption and even the service life of the automatic transmission.

Compared with traditional methods:



Auto Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

 Gravity fluid exchange


20-30 minutes

60-90 minutes


Exchange 98% old oil

Exchange 38% old oil


Flush and fluid exchange available

Only fluid exchange


Oil, cleaning fees

Oil, labor,cleaning fees

Trouble Judgment

1. electromagnetic: if the electromagnetic valve is energized, the electromagnetic valve will act; if the electromagnetic valve is energized but not act, then it can judge that the electromagnetic valve might be damaged.

2. Oil pump: when the oil pump is energized, the oil pump will act, but if the oil pump do not rotate or suck oil, then it can judge that the oil pump might be damaged.

3. Circuit failure: no display, no operation, please check the circuit or the computer board so as to find out the problem.

4. Electronic scale: display the electronic scale’s failure or the electronic scale has no response.

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