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Best Transmission Flush Machine For Transmission Repair Shops Atf Exchanger

Best Transmission Flush Machine For Transmission Repair Shops Atf Exchanger

Best Transmission Flush Machine For Transmission Repair Shops Atf Exchanger
Best Transmission Flush Machine For Transmission Repair Shops Atf ExchangerBest Transmission Flush Machine For Transmission Repair Shops Atf Exchanger
CategoriesTransmission Flush Machine
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Warranty1 Year
Brand NameZeayeto
Product nameAuto transmission flush machine
Advantagesvisual operating system
MaterialStainess steel
Pressure meter0~150psi
Applicationcar maintenance
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update Time2019-10-20
Detail Information

Best Transmission Flush Machine For Transmission Repair Shops Atf Exchanger


1. One-touch calibration function of intelligent electronic scales.

2. Visual display the radiator oil pressure of gearbox.

3. Special connectors suitable for different European, American, Asian automobiles.

4. Effectively solve the problem of incomplete replacement of transmission oil manually, improve the performance of the transmission, and extend the service life of the transmission.




Maximum power


Oil drum


Oil tube

2.5 m



Package dimension



Working principle

The automatic gearbox uses a gravity sensor to measure the weight of the old and new oils, then calculates the flow rate of the new and old oils based on the unit time, and adjusts the speed of the oil pump with the new oil to obtain the same flow rate as the old oil. Ensure that the amount of new and old oil is equal to achieve the same amount of exchange.


Our machine can automatically complete the high-precision cleaning and oil replacement of gearboxes, hydraulic torque converters and transmission radiators within 20 minutes. The oil change rate can approach 100%. The machine has improved its timeliness, as well as has improved its replacement and equal precision control capability to ensure the replacement quality of used oil and new oils in the automobile’s automatic transmission. The machine operates the replacement process automatically, and it can identify the inlet and outlet direction of the automatic transmission oil automatically with humanized operation design. Our automatic transmission intelligent oil change machine is your capable assistant for maintain your automobiles automatic transmission

Compared with traditional methods:



Auto Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

 Gravity fluid exchange


20-30 minutes

60-90 minutes


Exchange 98% old oil

Exchange 38% old oil


Flush and fluid exchange available

Only fluid exchange


Oil, cleaning fees

Oil, labor,cleaning fees


          1. Hd display                              2.Pressure gauge                              3


       4                                                       5.refueling                                          6

+LOGO                                  Shenzhen Zeayeto Automotive Technology Co., Ltd is a professional technology company dedicated to the independent research, development, production and sales of professional maintenance equipment for automobiles.The company has a professional research and development and production technology team, and established a sound sales network in the country, for the brand partners to provide quality car maintenance equipment and professional services.Our products include: transmission cleaning equipment, brake cleaning equipment, lubrication system cleaning equipment, cooling system cleaning equipment, nozzle cleaning equipment, cold media cleaning equipment and nitrogen system cleaning equipment, air conditioning cleaning equipment.We obtain the market by the quality, obtains the customer trust by the service!Our mission: to provide quality maintenance equipment for your car.

1. What are the characteristics of the product?

  Automatic identification of positive and negative power supply and direction of oil inlet and outlet

  Fuel filler with filter design

  Special custom quick female head for long service life

  Fully intelligent computer board, LCD display

  One-button calibration and automatic oil change

2. What are the main functions?

  Fully automatic cycle cleaning

  Fully automatic equal exchange

  Quantitatively add new oil

  Automatically empty new oil drums

3. Precautions during use.

  Do not use the wrong oil;

  Check if the oil level is normal after changing the oil;

  Avoid risks, check the car before changing oil;

After the oil change, you must conduct a road test to deliver the car and avoid all mistakes.

4. Does the change tank connector match the model?

Custom female, can match 90% models

5. What is the difference between automatic oil changer and manual oil change?

The manual oil change does not discharge the sludge and impurities of the original gearbox, and the oil change effect is not obtained. The oil changer is changed in the circulating system, and all the impurities of the oil changer can be discharged.

6. Why do I need to change the oil?

  High temperature oxidation, the oil in the gearbox does not meet the oil standard

  Sludge impurities generated during use will shorten gearbox life

  All oils have a shelf life

7. What are the benefits of oil change cleaning?

Fast speed increase, stable idle speed, smooth start, and reduced fuel consumption

8. How long does it take to change the oil process?

The whole process is about 20-30 minutes.

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