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Carbon Engine Cleaning Prices Dissolve Carbon Deposits Carbon Cleaner Motor

Carbon Engine Cleaning Prices Dissolve Carbon Deposits Carbon Cleaner Motor

Carbon Engine Cleaning Prices Dissolve Carbon Deposits Carbon Cleaner Motor
Carbon Engine Cleaning Prices Dissolve Carbon Deposits Carbon Cleaner MotorCarbon Engine Cleaning Prices Dissolve Carbon Deposits Carbon Cleaner Motor
CategoriesCar engine carbon cleaning machine
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Brand nameZeayeto
Product name7 in 1 multi function cleaning machine
Advantagesvisual OS
DisplayHD LCD display
operating methodendoscope
Warranty1 Year
Input VoltageDC12V
UsageGasoline Engine Carbon Emissions Cleaning
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update Time2019-09-22
Detail Information

Carbon Engine Cleaning Prices Dissolve Carbon Deposits Carbon Cleaner Motor 

Product introduction:

The engine carbon cleaning machine TD-501 is a device for the gasoline vehicles carbon removal that needs the chemical cleaning agent for help. The cleaning agent can be purchase in the local city or from our company. The main selling point is that it can clean the Three-way catalytic converter, which many machines on the market cannot do that. The converter is important for control the exhaust standard of a car, but it is also difficult to clean it. As the long time driving, the converter will become dirty for increased carbon deposit inside. If do not clean it in time, the exhaust will mix with many harmful gases and substances and cause the air pollution finally.

The carbon deposit in the intake valve:

Since the operation of each piston of the whole engine is not synchronized, when the engine is extinguished, the intake valves of some cylinders cannot be completely closed, and some unburned fuel is continuously evaporated and oxidized, which will produce some in the intake pipe, especially behind the throttle. Soft black carbon deposits. On the one hand, these carbon deposits will roughen the pipe wall of the intake pipe, and the intake air will generate vortices in these rough places, affecting the intake effect and the quality of the mixture.

On the other hand, these carbon deposits will block the idle speed channel, causing the idle speed control device to be stuck or beyond its adjustment range, which will result in low idle speed, idling, various speeds of the attachments, failure to collect oil, and exhaust. Excessive standards, oil and other phenomena.

If you are experiencing slow acceleration during driving, tempering and tempering, and difficulty in cold start, your car's valve is likely to have accumulated carbon. It is found that the idle speed is low and the car is shaking when idling. When the accelerator is pressed, the card is issued and the battery is not idling. Then the air intake pipe of your car has accumulated carbon. With the above phenomenon, you should go to the professional repair shop to check the car in time.

Therefore, it is essential to clean the carbon in time. After cleaning carbon by TD-501 engine carbon cleaner, the car will make a good performance again. The engine noise disappeared, the air pollution reduced, the engine power increased.

Product Specification:


DC 12V

Rated Power


Working Pressure

0-1.6 Mpa





Package Dimension


Ambient temperature range


Working medium

Chemical cleaning agent


Gasoline car engines


Car engine carbon clean


Other car care product



1. As the potable design, it can be taken to do carbon cleaning service door to door.

2. Car repair shops and car care centers also needs this machine, because it can bring more benefits for the business man. As for the engine part, it is suitable for the valve, combustion chamber, fuel injector, spark plugs, and the three way catalytic converter.

3. TD-501 cannot be used for diesel vehicles carbon cleaning.


1. Hd display                                        2.Pressure gauge                             3.


4.                                        5.Discharge pipe and return pipe frame            6.The pulley 

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