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The automotive market has always been the target of many capital chasings, but the high investment costs and promotion costs have turned many people who want to get involved in the field have to give up. With the booming automotive market, the automotive aftermarket should follow. However, there are few people involved in the automotive aftermarket, and its market potential is endless. Fortunately, Zeayedo captures the huge potential of this market through its own strategic planning. As long as you have enough confidence, nothing else is a problem.

What kind of platform is Zeayeto?
Zeayeto is a manufacturer in Shenzhen dedicated to car-free cleaning and maintenance equipment, which can meet the general maintenance of automobiles. Customized services are also available.
Zeayeto has accumulated rich practical experience in its long-term development, and has its own R&D team and technical staff, and cooperates with many domestic and foreign companies. In order to better match the market and create better economic benefits for agents, our company strives to create a better future with more partners.

How to become an authorized distributor
To be the first to bring the future of automation technology to your region or your country.

Distributors Support
1. Advertising: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, etc. Especially your local city or country
2. Free promotional materials, including catalogs, posters, brochures, videos, etc.
3. Visit factory services and free technical training
4. 24-hour online service, fully support your promotion

Worried that the needs of the locals cannot be met?
Our company has developed different marketing plans and promotion plans for different market conditions. Therefore, when we promote the agency, we will provide a series of practical copy files for the agents, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of agents. We will have corresponding policy support for each level of agency.

Worried about the bad operation and want to quit?
Has a perfect exit mechanism, zero loss exit. You can find the right person to take over. In the process, we will use our own publicity platform and channels to help you.

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