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Multifunctional Seven in one Equipment

Multifunctional Seven in one Equipment
Issue Time:2019-03-11

Today i want to introduce you to a product--- Engine depth carbon removal washing machine(seven in one).It integrates engine intake system, fuel system (injector), combustion chamber carbon removal, three-way catalytic converter and many other functions. Among them, ternary cleaning can use oil cleaning agent and water cleaning agent to meet the needs of various programs. The device is equipped with a high-definition display and a 1.3 megapixel HD camera, carbon removal cleaning effect is clearly visible and easy to operate. After cleaning, the vehicle's power is improved, the idle speed is stable, the start is smooth, the fuel consumption is reduced, the exhaust emissions are more environmentally friendly, and the performance is restored as new.           

Its main functions are clean fuel system (injector), intake manifold system, three-way catalytic converter (oil/water), and combustion chamber foam carbon removal.



Steps for usage


1.Cleaning nozzle


01.Prepare 501 washer, connector and tools.

02.Use the detection computer to read and eliminate engine related fault codes.

03.Pour the cleaning agent into the corresponding nozzle.

04.The equipment tubing is connected to a atomized joint and inserted into the inlet pipe.

05.Start the vehicle, raise the water temperature to 90 degrees and extinguish the spark plug.

06.Pour the detergent into the corresponding nozzle and leave the 50ml soaked spark plug.

07.The equipment tubing is connected to a atomized joint and inserted into the inlet pipe.

08.Pour the detergent into the corresponding nozzle and leave the 50ml soaked spark plug.

09.Turn on the pipe switch and add the cleaning agent A to the vehicle.


2.Combustion chamber foam cleaning


01.Remove the spark plug.

02.Add cleaner(Zeayeti-2000)leave 50ml to soak spark plug.

03.Adjust the pressure(2kg/cm²)

04.Adjust valve to foam position.

05.Foam is injected into the engine combustion chamber.

06.Soak for 10 minutes.

07.Recycle cleaning fluid.

08.Open the endoscope and observe the cleaning effect.

09.Blow-dry combustion chamber and spark plug.

10.Restore spark plug.

11.Check whether the vehicle can start. Restore vehicle and clean up.


3.Ternary catalysis(water-based) cleaning



01.Start the vehicle and turn off the engine when the water temperature is normal.

02.Disassemble the oxygen sensor and connect the ternary catalytic adapter.

03.Add cleaner(Zeayeto-5100)

04.Add 10L water.

05.Turn on the power switch , add all cleaning agents to the car, turn off the power(soak for 5min)

06.Add cleaner(Zeayeto-5200)

07.Add 10L water.

08.Crash accelerator to 3000-4000r/m until no water come out of the exhaust pipe.

09.Close the car. Restore vehicle and clean up.



Special cleaning agent




A machine with multiple functions. One is only $850, very cost-effective.


If you have another questions, please contact us.

Contact us:

Vicky Nie

Web: www.zeayetotool.com

WhatsApp:+86 13632760210



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