Automobile maintenance, testing, and other series of cleaning equipment.


Zeayeto – We will build the most professional equipment "smart" manufacturers in China to make people's lives better

Our company relies on its own research and development team to have multiple patents, as well as core precision parts processing ability, complete assembly line, ERP, CRM and other management tools and systems.Adhering to the development concept of integrity, innovation, friendliness and concentration, and making it a core value of leda people.

Zeayeto product

The product coverage of gasoline fuel, diesel fuel, combustion engine, transmission, power steering, lubrication, water cooling, air conditioning, nine brake system, as many as 30 balance cleaning, maintenance, testing equipment, etc.

  • ATF-8100

    ATF-8100 Grey Gearbox Intelligent Oil Changer


    ATF-8100 Orange Gearbox Intelligent Oil Changer


    ATF-8100 Green Gearbox Intelligent Oil Changer


    ATF-8100 Red Gearbox Intelligent Oil Changer

  • TD-501

    TD-501 Red Engine Carbon Removal Cleaner


    TD-501 Green Engine Carbon Removal Cleaner


    LS-302 Grey Lubrication System Dialysis Cleaning Machine


    LS-302 Grey Lubrication System Dialysis Cleaning Machine

  • ABS-201

    ABS-201 Red Brake Intelligent Equivalent Oil Changer


    ABS-201 Grey Brake Intelligent Equivalent Oil Changer

  • Zeayeto

    Auto Transmission Flush Machine Adapter Gearbox Connector


    Lubrication System Adapter Lubricating Oil Cleaning Joint

Affordable Price and considerable benefit

We create benefits for our customers with the best technology and reasonable prices.

Traceable quality evaluation

QC is a “coordinating activity of command and control organization in terms of quality”. In order to meet specifications or regulations, data quality requirements will be optimized and improved in the production process.

Customized Products

Our products can be customized to meet the requirements of your screen printing logo and promotional content.

Laudable lead-time & shipment control

Our delivery time is 15 days after receiving the payment. The transportation route supports most international logistics.


We are a direct manufacturer and can provide timely service and updates to our customers.


This product has a fault during the warranty period, free repair or replacement of damaged components (but does not bear the return shipping costs).

Customer success

The products were successfully sold to Aisin, Hannover, Guanjun, Johnson, Nexteer, Lille, Connaught, Allison, Leopard, Delphi, Haifei, Bonge, Shengpai and Qiwei. The company, the customer reflects the price and the product feedback is excellent.

Voice of Our Customers

  • Abraham

    Competitive products and high-quality services, professional technical consulting and training, and timely solving and meeting the problems and requirements of customers.


    The use of ZEAYETO in the past few years has been an event for us to change jobs. They are always creative and responsive during their service and keep their projects at the highest industry standards. They always support their work.


    For 8 years, ZEAYETO has helped us grow, develop and deliver reliable and intelligent products and services to our customers. We are very grateful to ZEAYETO for their joint achievements.